1-3 August 2024, Geno Hotel, Karlsruhe, Germany
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Thank You!

We are very grateful to our sponsors for their continued support in shaping the future of this dynamic event. Their generous contributions allow us to bring together the brightest minds in TYPO3 development, foster knowledge sharing and create a vibrant community. With their commitment, our sponsors make the TYPO3 Developer Days an unforgettable experience for all participants.

Room Sponsor

zdrei.com is a TYPO3-Agency for innovative web solutions and specialises in B2B applications built on TYPO3. With its expertise and the commitment to excellence, zdrei.com helps companies to create powerful and user-friendly TYPO3 systems.

Coding Night Sponsor

in2code is a prominent digital agency specializing in TYPO3 development and consulting services. With their deep expertise in TYPO3, they help businesses create powerful and user-friendly web solutions. As the Coding Night sponsor, in2code demonstrates their commitment to supporting the TYPO3 Developer Days community by fostering an environment for developers to collaborate, learn, and innovate. Their passion for TYPO3 and dedication to excellence make them a valued partner in the TYPO3 ecosystem.

Social Night Sponsor

punkt.de is the proud Social Event Sponsor of TYPO3 Developer Days, bringing an element of excitement and fun to our community. With their expertise in developing high-level business solutions, they combine their know-how in web development with the use of modern technologies: modern, serious and secure.

Coffee Sponsor

We live web. We breathe code. And: We love agencies & freelancers. With top performance and flexible managed cloud hosting, we provide web professionals with the perfect platform to launch their web projects. Clever workflows and smart features, e.g. the analysis of time to first byte, make your work with TYPO3 more efficient.

Become a Sponsor, Too!

A community-driven project like TYPO3 depends on the generosity of its members. We invite you to help support TYPO3 by becoming a sponsor of #T3DD24. As a sponsor, you will receive special recognition, visibility, and promotion through all our communication channels.

We’ve put together a range of sponsorship packages in our shop to suit any budget. We hope you’ll find something that works for you. If you have any other ideas for supporting the event, let us know!

Explore all Sponsorship Opportunities in our Shop

Patron Sponsor

As the most prestigious level of sponsorship for TYPO3 Developer Days 2024, the Patron Sponsorship offers exclusive benefits for supporting the community and boosting your company’s visibility. You are, among other features, guaranteed:

  • Prime Exhibition Space: Secure a prominent 8.00m x 1.50m spot at the event entrance for optimal exposure.
  • Extensive Brand Visibility: Feature your company logo on all event materials, including communications, T-shirts, program screens, and the main banner, plus inclusion in the teaser and aftermovie.
  • Exclusive Speaking Slot: Present your insights with a guaranteed session slot.
  • Complimentary Tickets & Special Opportunities: Enjoy four free event tickets and a pre-event video greeting rolled out on major social media platforms.

Maximize your engagement with the TYPO3 community and elevate your brand's presence during the TYPO3 Developer Days.

Do you want to be our patron sponsor?

Premium Sponsor

Premium sponsors are our most important donors. By becoming a premium sponsor, you help make the event happen, and the community grows.

This sponsorship includes:

  • Exhibition space: 4.00x1.50m
  • Video Greeting: Social media
  • Guaranteed session slot

More details and benefits of the Premium Sponsorship

T-Shirt Sponsor

If you want your logo to be shown around the event and among the community, an excellent way is to sponsor the event shirts.

The T-Shirt sponsorship includes:

  • Logo on Event T-Shirt
  • Logo on event website
  • One free ticket

More Details And Benefits of the Premium Sponsorship

Room Sponsor

If you want to have your company's name on one of the session rooms, this sponsorship is the right choice.

This room sponsorship includes:

  • Logo on Room
  • Logo on event website
  • One free ticket

More Details and Benefits of the Room Sponsorship

Coding Night Sponsor

You can support the coding night if you want to help the TYPO3 core team. We'll sit together at an event for TYPO3 enthusiasts to work on TYPO3 with the core team. Nobody should miss that!

The Coding Night Sponsorship includes:

  • Logo on Livestream
  • Logo on event website
  • Logo during event

More Details and Benefits of the Coding Night Sponsorship

Social Night Sponsor

If you want to sponsor the famous T3DD social event and show your engagement with the community, social event sponsoring is perfect!

The social event sponsoring includes:

  • Logo during event
  • Logo on event website
  • Logo on Livestream

More Details and Benefits of the Social Night Sponsorship

Core Team Sponsor

As a Core Team Sponsor, you enable one Core Team member to participate in the event.

This Core Team Sponsorship includes:

  • Logo during event

Become a Core Team Sponsor

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