1-3 August 2024, Geno Hotel, Karlsruhe, Germany
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DevDays 2024 – Get Smarter for the Future!

Exploring Future & Innovation in TYPO3 Development (and Beyond)

Call for participation ends 31 March 2024

We invite you to be a part of DevDays 2024, where we are gearing up for an exciting edition centered around the overarching theme “Get Smarter for the Future” with talks about Future & Innovation. Our aim is to provide a platform for original talks that explore cutting-edge ideas, pushing the boundaries of TYPO3 development.

We are actively seeking first-time talks that introduce fresh perspectives and new insights, aiming to foster an environment of learning, sharing, and envisioning the future of TYPO3 development. We emphasize the importance of original content and strongly prefer submissions that have not been previously presented in Barcamp sessions or similar formats.

Selected speakers will receive a free T3DD24-ticket! Note that already purchased tickets will then be refunded.

Ticket sales are open

The TYPO3 Developer Days 2024 need your insights!

This year, we are focusing on specific categories to ensure a diverse and forward-thinking program. Here are the key categories:

Extension Development

  • Innovative approaches to creating TYPO3 extensions 
  • Latest techniques, best practices, and case studies 
  • Focus on developing powerful, efficient, and user-friendly extensions.

Frontend Development (CSS/JS/Accessibility)

  • Latest trends and techniques in frontend development, including CSS, JavaScript, and accessibility
  • How to create responsive, accessible, and visually appealing websites with TYPO3.


  • Infrastructure aspects of TYPO3, including server setup, performance optimization, security considerations, and deployment strategies 
  • How to build and maintain a robust infrastructure for TYPO3 sites

Project Best Practices and Stories

  • Share real-world experiences in TYPO3 project management 
  • Best practices, success stories, lessons learned, and methodologies for managing TYPO3 projects effectively


  • Investigate the role of Artificial Intelligence in web development, specifically in the context of TYPO3. 
  • AI-driven tools and features that can enhance user experience, content management, and site analytics

Beyond Horizons

In the 'Beyond Horizons' segment of the 2024 DevDays, developers embark on a diverse terrain beyond the familiar TYPO3 ecosystem. These sessions provide fascinating insights into areas not directly linked to TYPO3 but significantly influencing development decisions. From creative design and effective marketing strategies to operational workflows – developers explore new horizons, broaden their perspectives, and deepen their skills in a broader context. Immerse yourself in fresh ideas and let the diversity of the digital world outside your usual boundaries inspire you.

Do you have questions on our T3DD topics? Contact us!

To contribute, please submit your talk suggestions using the form on this page, ensuring alignment with one of the specified categories. Review our submission guidelines for detailed information.

Let's make the DevDays 2024 a gathering of forward-thinkers, pushing the boundaries of TYPO3 development under the banner of "Future & Innovation." Your participation is crucial in making this event a resounding success!


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